Below you can browse Alastair's compositions, hear samples and purchase sheet music (digital download or hard copy). 


All compositions featuring electronic backings are supplied with all of the necessary materials to perform the piece live.

New Works/Works currently in progress:


Ignorant Complicity

Alastair has been commissioned by the Park Lane Group, with support from the RVW Trust, to write a new work for alto saxophone and piano to be premiered at St John's Smith Square, London on 28th April 2017.  The premiere performance will be given by Alastair and his duo partner Edward Liddall. Click here for more info.


Mirrored Lines - Solo Recorder

Alastair has been commissioned by the City Music Foundation to write a solo recorder piece for recorder player Tabea Debus, to be premiered at Handel House, London on 29th June 2017.


Saxophone and Electronics / Saxophone and tape:

Broadside (2015) [Soprano saxophone and tape]

Ghost Train (2015) [Saxophone and electronics]

Hypernova (2015) [Alto saxophone and tape]
Sandbox (2015) [Alto saxopone and electronics]

Supernova (2015) [Alto saxophone and tape]

Wayfarer (2015) [Woodwinds and electronics]


Electric Dawn Bundle:

Purchase Broadside, Ghost Train, Hypernova, Lake of Dreams, Sandbox and Supernova as a bundle to get a special discount price and a free copy of the Electric Dawn album (physical orders only)


Moon Pooch (2016) [Soprano saxophone & clarinet (one player), electronics and drums]

Clarinet and tape:


Lake of Dreams (2015) [Clarinet and tape]

Saxophone and Piano:


Ignorant Complicity (2017) [Alto saxophone and piano] - Commissioned by PLG


Soar (2016) [Alto saxophone and piano] - Available from Saxtet Publications


Drifting (2016) [Alto saxophone and piano]

Clarinet and Piano:


Drifting (2016) [Clarinet and piano]

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