Do you hear me? (2020) - Alastair Penman [Sospiro Records. Available on Amazon, iTunes etc. Watch the project videos at doyouhearme.info]

Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Keyboards, MIDI programming and compositions


The John Harle Collection: Vol. 13 Progressive (2020) - John Harle [Sospiro Records. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music etc. Buy on Amazon]

Sopranino/Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophone on track 10 - The Little Death Machine


Puzzle Book (2019) - Mark Bowler [One Glass Eye Records, available on Bandcamp]

Baritone saxophone with the Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet


Electric Dawn (2015) - Alastair Penman [Sospiro Noir, available on AmazoniTunes]
Sopranino/Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Bb/A/Bass clarinet and electronics

The North (2014) - Borealis Saxophone Quartet [Buy via BSQ website, Amazon,  iTunes etc]
Soprano and Alto Saxophones


Winds From The North West (2013) [Prima Facie]
Soprano and Tenor Saxophones with Borealis Saxophone Quartet on recording of Two for Six


RNCM Saxophone Orchestra (2012) [Contact RNCM for availability]
Soprano and Alto Saxophones

Peak Jazz 5tet (2005) [Out of print]
Soprano and Alto Saxophones





Sorry (2020) - Bill Rutherford [Available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc]

Soprano and baritone saxophones


Seven Long Years (2018) - Bill Rutherford [Available on Bandcamp]

Alto saxophone solo on "This Ain't Love"

Loving Love (2012) - Andy Walker [Buy on Amazon or iTunes]
Tenor Saxophone

Pimp My Jazz (2011) [Buy on Amazon]
Tenor Saxophone

Hate Mondays (2011) - Almost Midnight [Buy on Amazon or iTunes]
Tenor and Baritone Saxophones

New Music for Choirs (2011) - Janet Wheeler
Alto and Tenor Saxophones

Crysal Maze the Musical (Peter Facer) [Soundtrack recording] (2011)
Alto and Tenor Saxophones

The Best of 2010 [Live] - Cambridge University Jazz Orchestra [Contact CUJO for availablity]
Lead Alto
[Soundtrack recording] (2008)- Ben Nicholls and Ashley Riches
Clarinet and saxophones





Sandbox (2020) - Matthew Lombard [Availabe on Amazon, iTunes, etc]

South African Saxophone Matthew Lombard has released a single of Alastair's composition Sandbox (originally recorded on the album Electric Dawn).


XXIV Fantasie per il Flauto (2018) - Tabea Debus [Available on Amazon, iTunes etc]

Alastair's piece Mirrored Lines features on this wonderful album of the Telemann XII Fantasias for solo flute and 12 new commissions reflecting on them.

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