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Taking Off (2017)
Instrumentation: Flexible ensemble - 6 parts each provided in Eb and Bb
Length: 6'00
Published by Saxtet Publications


Three fun but easy pieces for single reed ensemble with flexible parts. Ideal for school and music service ensembles that have a mixture of clarinets and saxophones!  The flexible parts mean that the pieces can be played on a large range of saxophones and clarinets.


  • Here We Go
    A lively piece with a groovy bass line in the lower parts and an opportunity for a higher part player to shine.
  • A Moment of Calm
    A tranquil movement in a lilting 3/4 time with the solo line taken at first by the higher parts and later on by the lower parts.
  • Back to Earth
    A joyful piece which is full of bounce, a feature for part 2.


The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Part 1 – Bb instruments
Part 1 – Eb instruments

Part 2 – Bb instruments
Part 2 – Eb instruments

Part 3 – Bb clarinets
Part 3 – Bb saxophones
Part 3 – Eb instruments

Part 4 – Bb clarinets
Part 4 – Bb saxophones
Part 4 – Eb instruments

Part 5 – Bb clarinets
Part 5 – Bb saxophones
Part 5 – Eb instruments

Part 6 – Bb clarinets
Part 6 – Bb saxophones
Part 6 – Eb instruments

Taking Off! (single reeds)

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