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The Pangolin (2019)

Instrumentation: Soprano saxophone and tape.
Length: 4'00
Premiere: 2020 SABRE Festival, ZdHK Zurich


Pangolins are the most trafficked animals on the planet, but many people have never even heard of them. I was inspired to write this piece after watching a documentary on the plight of Pangolins. The piece alternates between more reflective, almost mournful sections reflecting the plight of many pangolins and a joyful dance-like section highlighting the playful nature of these incredible creatures.


Digital product contains PDF sheet music and backing audio tracks. (Audio tracks provided as mp3 files, but should you require another format (e.g. WAV) please contact after purchasing and these can be sent at no additional cost.)

The Pangolin

  • The only requirement to play this piece is a sound system to play the backing track.

    There is a short section where ideally a harmoniser should be used to produce a chord, however the piece can still be performed without this.

    A click track is provided to help with synchronisation with the backing track, but there are enough audio cues on the track to perform the piece without using the click.

    (For any tech related questions etc email

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