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Black Watch (2018)
Instrumentation: S/A A A A/T T B
Length: 4'30
Published by Saxtet Publications


Two fun but easy pieces for saxophone ensemble with flexible parts. Ideal for school and music service ensembles that have lots of altos! The optional parts mean that you can balance your ensemble according to the instruments you have.


Black Watch was written whilst the composer was working as a guest performer on the cruise ship Black Watch for a fortnight travelling from Tahiti to Sydney.  During the voyage the ship was re-routed to avoid a cyclone and experienced the whole range of weather conditions from stormy seas through to glorious sunshine.


1. Through the Storm

Featuring a heavy, repeated bassline from the baritone and tenor this piece depicts the boat rolling in the open seas.  It provides an opportunity for the soprano (or alto player) to shine in the middle, and there is the option of extending the middle for improvised solos if desired.


2. Pacific Paradise
This movement begins with a calm and beautiful opening section before the altos set the scene with a light-hearted bouncing groove, and the piece develops from here.


The scoring for 'Black Watch' is as follows:

Soprano Sax (alternative to Alto 1)
Alto Sax 2
Alto Sax 3
Alto Sax 4 (alternative to Tenor 1)
Tenor Sax 2
Baritone Sax

Black Watch

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