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QUIETUDE - Alastair Penman

Released 2024 on Meadowbank Music.

“The recorded sound and all the playing on this CD is superb”

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain

"...a broad range of talents, a meticulous attention to detail and a very personal is a project that reaches out and touches us all"

In the frantic world we live in, there are ever fewer opportunities to embrace peace and tranquillity and enjoy the natural world around us. This album invites the listener to take time for themself, to unplug from the digital world that we live in and to find solace in the beauty of music and of nature.

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SOAR - Alastair Penman & Jonathan Pease

Released 2023 on Meadowbank Music

"This performance easily rivals any other in terms of technical mastery, interpretation and ensemble"

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain

"...the album as a whole feels like an extended dazzling display of talent" -

" engaging and eclectic selection of pieces that makes a lovely disc to dip into" - Planet Hugill

Alastair Penman (saxophone) and Jonathan Pease (piano) debut release brings together favourites from the saxophone repertoire alongside newer works. All of the pieces are drawn together by their use of melody and the way they allow the saxophone to sing, soaring over the landscape created by the piano.

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DO YOU HEAR ME? - Alastair Penman

Released 2020 on Sospiro Records, produced by John Harle.

"Damn good music" - Planet Hugill

"A superb mix of sounds" - Nicolas Prost

"Groundbreaking in many ways" - Dawkes Music

Original compositions by Alastair fusing saxophone and electronics and highlighting the climate emergency.

50% of proceeds donated to charities fighting climate change.

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ELECTRIC DAWN - Alastair Penman

Released 2015 on Sospiro Records, produced by John Harle.

"An accomplished, outstanding album. Highly recommended" - Sandy Brown Jazz

"The playing is poised the precise and the sounds are creative and imaginative" - CASS Magazine

"Surpassingly beautiful music" - Peter Fay

"a wonderfully eclectic mix of genres, moods, instrumentation and effects" -

A mix of original compositions and arrangements by Alastair as well as new pieces by Jenni Watson, Geoff Sheil and Daniel Harle.

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Electric Dawn Album Cover.jpg
THE NORTH - Borealis Saxophone Quartet

Released 2014 on Borealis Records. Produced by Rob Buckland.

Alastair Penman - soprano/alto saxophone

Mélina Zéléniuc - alto/soprano saxophone

Gillian Blair - tenor/soprano saxophone

Daniel White - baritone/soprano saxophone

"The music here is wonderfully varied, full-blooded and often rather edgy" - Planet Hugill

The debut album by the Borealis Saxophone Quartet.

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Mark Bowler & Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet

Released 2019 on One Glass Eye records

Recording of Mark Bowler's Puzzle Book by the Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet.

Listen on Bandcamp

Released 2020 on Sospiro Records

Alastair was honoured to be invited to record a track on this epic collection of the music of John Harle. Alastair plays sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones on The Little Death Machine (Track 10, Volume 13).


Compositions for wind by David Beck, David Ellis and David Forshaw.

Released 2013 on Prima Facie.


Alastair plays soprano and tenor saxophones with the Borealis Saxophone Quartet on Two for Six by David Ellis.

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