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Alastair is available for session recordings, either in person, or remotely from his home studio.


Previous session work from Alastair's home studio ranges from recording classical works, overdubbing pop and jazz solos for commercial albums and recording jingles for national TV commercials. Tracks that Alastair has recorded, edited, mixed and mastered have also been heard on BBC Radio.


As Visiting Professor of Saxophone and Electronics at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama before becoming Professor of Saxophone, Alastair has much experience in audio recording and editing and can ensure high quality audio and the best result for your track.


Alastair is available for sessions on saxophone (sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor/baritone) and clarinet (Eb/Bb/A/Bass).


Outside of his home studio Alastair has recorded at studios including Abbey Road (Studios 1 & 2), Air Studios, Air Edel, RAK Studios, Angel Studios, Masterchord, The Premises and Sound Disposition.


For more information or to hire Alastair to play on your recording contact


Use the links below to see some samples of Alastair's work recorded from his home studio.



John Harle - Multi-track recording of The Little Death Machine released on The John Harle Colletion. Listen here.


Saxtet Publications - Muti-track recordings of numerous compositions/arrangements from the Saxtet Catalogue


Astute Music - Recordings of 94 saxophone/clarinet duets from the Astute Music Catalogue. This project included making full recordings of each duet as well as play-along parts.


Nigel Street - Recordings of Nigel Street's arrangements, including saxophone octet arrangements of Dvorak's Serenade for Winds, Glinka's Ruslan and Ludmila and the Mexican Hat Dance. Also recordings of Nigel's original compositions Hoe Down (saxophone octet, saxophone quartet and clarinet quartet versions) and Celtic Moments (saxophone octet) and a saxophone quintet arrangement of selections from Boismortier's concerti for five flutes.



Bebop by Dizzy Gillespie - Multi-track recording of the Super Sax arrangement of this Dizzy Gillespie tune (feat. Soprano Sax Solo).



Uptown Funk - clarinet/bass clarinet multi-track of the arrangement by Mike Lowenstern


Bill Rutherford - saxophone solo and backings on This Ain't Love from the album Seven Long Years. Soprano and baritone saxophones on the single Sorry.




The Day We Didn't Meet - Tenor and baritone saxophones for film soundtrack


Sky TV Christmas Ident - clarinet solo for the Sky TV Christmas Advert

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