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Alastair maintains the Saxophone Resources YouTube channel which contains over 700 recordings of popular grade exam pieces as well as play-along accompaniments.

Visit the channel here.

Product Demos

Alastair has made over 100 videos of instrument/mouthpiece accessory demos as well as playing tips in collaboration with Dawkes Music. Click here to view them.

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Alastair is a regular contributor to the Clarinet and Saxophone Society Magazine and has also written articles for Music Teacher Magazine and the MU. Click here to read the articles.

Vegan Saxophonists

Many people are unaware of the amount of animal products used in musical instruments. From leather in pads through to wool in felt and even animal derived glues, most saxophonists are unwittingly supporting animal cruelty. Alastair set up Vegan Saxophonists to help highlight and promote animal-free options to items that saxophonists use every day. Most recently we're delighted that Dawkes Music have launched a vegan saxophone pad, which is a real game-changer!

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