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HOW DO YOU FEEL? - David Hernando Vitores

Released 2023 by David Hernando Vitores.


How Do You Feel? by Spanish saxophonist David Hernando Vitores is an album of music by Alastair Penman and Jenni Watson. Compositions by Alastair on the disc are:

Supernova, Be Still, The Pangolin, Lake of Dreams, Sandbox, Ghost Train, Broadside and Hypernova. Amongst Jenni Watson's compositions on the disc is Deconstruct, which Alastair commissioned for his 2015 album Electric Dawn.

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SANDBOX - Matthew Lombard

Released 2020 by Matthew Lombard.

Alastair's composition Sandbox features on this single by the brilliant South African saxophonist Matthew Lombard.

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Tabea Debus

Released 2018 on TYXart

Alastair's composition Mirrored Lines (commissioned by Tabea Debus with support from the City Music Foundation) features on this album by the fantastic recorder player Tabea Debus.

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