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Product Demos

Below is a YouTube playlist of saxophone and clarinet instrument/mouthpiece demos I have done for the good folks at Dawkes Music. There are also a few videos on electronic equipment and also technique tips. You may find it easier to browse the videos directly on YouTube, and there is an index of the videos below.

Saxophone/Clarinet Gear Demos and Playing Tips

Saxophone/Clarinet Gear Demos and Playing Tips

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How to test a saxophone


Alto saxophones:

Selmer Supreme

Selmer Seles Axos with Selmer Concept

Selmer Seles Axos (newer video)

Selmer Reference 54

Yanagisawa AWO1

Yanagisawa AWO10 and AWO20 (Further comparison video here)

Yamaha YAS 875 EX

Yamaha YAS 62

Yamaha YAS 280

Soprano saxophones:

Tips for switching to soprano saxophone

Yanagisawa S991 and SC991

Yanagisawa SWO1 and SWO10

Yamaha YSS875EX

Yamaha YSS82ZR

Yamaha YSS475 (2016)

Yamaha YSS475 (2020)

Selmer Serie II

Selmer Serie III

Conn-Selmer Premiere (PSS-380)

Baritone saxophones:

Yamaha YBS-82

Yamaha YBS-62II

Yamaha YBS-480

Pre-owned saxophones:

Yanagisawa S901 (pre-owned) - soprano

Yamaha YSS675 (pre-owned) - soprano

Selmer Serie II (pre-owned) - soprano

Selmer Serie III (pre-owned) - soprano


Selmer vs Vandoren: Concept, S80 C*, AP3 and AL3 (alto)

Selmer vs Vandoren vs Backun: Concept, AP3 and TM2 (alto)

Selmer Concept (alto)

Selmer Claude Delangle (alto)

Selmer Concept vs Claude Delangle (alto)

Selmer Soloist (alto)

Selmer S80 C* (alto)

Vandoren AP3 (alto)

Vandoren AL3 (alto)

Vandoren AL4 (alto)

Vandoren AL5 (alto)

Backun TM2 (alto)

Aizen CL3 (alto)

Aizen ASKB (alto)

Aizen SO C* (alto)

Yamaha 4C (alto)

Selmer vs Vandoren: Concept, S80 E, TL4 (tenor)

Best Affordable Tenor Sax Mouthpieces: Yamaha vs Windcraft (tenor)

Vandoren BL5 (baritone)

Selmer S80 E (baritone)

Alto Ligatures:

Woodstone (Ishimori) ligatures: Brass, Gold Plated, Satin & Solid Silver

Woodstone ligatures: Classic, Original & Kodama

Alto Reeds:

Cane vs Synthetic - Vandoren Traditional vs Legere French Cut

Vandoren Traditional & V21 / D'Addario Reserve / Selmer

Cane vs Synthetic - D'Addario Venn vs Legere Signature vs Vandoren Traditional

Cane vs Synthetic - Vandoren Traditional vs Legere Signature

Yamaha Synthetic Reeds

Tenor Reeds:

Cane vs Synthetic - D'Addario Venn vs Legere Signature vs Vandoren Traditional




Bb/A clarinets:

Top 4 Clarinets Money can Buy - Buffet vs Selmer vs Yamaha vs Backun (2022)

Buffet Gala

Buffet Divine

Buffet R13 vs RC

Buffet E12 vs E13

Buffet vs Yamaha beginner clarinets

Buffet Prodige

Buffet Legende

Buffet XXI

Buffet Festival, Vintage and Tradition clarinet comparison

Buffet Clarinets - Wood vs Greenline

Buffet Tosca A Clarinet

Buffet B12 - Limited edition clear plastic model!

Selmer Muse

Selmer Recital, Signature, Privelege, Muse clarinet comparison

Windcraft WCL-100 vs WCL-250 (Beginner clarinets)

Windcraft WCL-250

Windcraft WCL-350

Bass clarinets:

Yamaha YCL221 (low Eb)

Jupiter JBC1000S

Buffet Bass Clarinet Comparison - Tosca, Prestige and 1180

Buffet 1180 (low Eb)

Buffet 1180 (low Eb) - secondhand example

Yamaha YCL622II (low C)

Buffet Prestige (low C)

Uebel Emperior (low C)

Pre-owned Bb clarinets:

Buffet Vintage (pre-owned)

Buffet Tosca (pre-owned)

Buffet RC Greenline (pre-owned)

Yamaha YCL-CXII (pre-owned)

Yamaha YCL-650 (pre-owned)

Backun Protege (pre-owned)

Leblanc LL (pre-owned) *C Clarinet*

Clarinet mouthpieces:

Vandoren BD4, BD5, BD7

Student mouthpiece comparison - Buffet, Yamaha, Windcraft

Clarinet barrels:

Chedeville barrels - Kaspar and Umbra

Clarinet ligatures:

Woodstone (Ishimori) clarinet ligatures

Woodstone (Ishimori) bass clarinet ligatures

Clarinet Reeds

The Vandoren range - comparison of Traditional, V12, V21 and 56 Rue Lepic reeds

Cane vs synthetic - D'Addario VENN, Legere Signature and Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic

Cane vs Synthetic - Vandoren Traditional vs Legere French Cut


Boss RC3 Loop pedal (with GT1 effects pedal)

Boss RC10-R Loop pedal (with GT1 effects pedal)

Vegan Pads/Servicing Options:

Vegan Clarinet Servicing | Materials, Options & Reasons

V-Pads: Vegan Saxophone Pads

Practice Tips:

Saxophone tips: How to play fast

Saxophone tips: Ultimate alternative fingering guide

Saxophone tips: Exploring overtones and developing you range

Saxophone tips: Low notes

Saxophone tips: Switching to soprano saxophone

Clarinet tips: How to play a Glissando (as in Rhapsody in Blue)

Clarinet tips: Switching to bass clarinet

Clarinet tips: How to test a clarinet

Clarinet tips: Testing Clarinet mouthpieces

Clarinet tips: What is the left hand Eb key on clarinet?

Sax and clarinet tips: Reed adjustment without tools

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