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This page contains a collection of Articles/Reviews that I have written for various magazines (mostly Clarinet and Saxophone). If you are interested in the saxophone/clarinet or have enjoyed reading these articles I would highly reccommend subsribing to CASS at



Going it alone - feature on self-releasing music by Alastair Penman (CASS, April 2024)

Do You Hear Me - feature on new EP by Alastair Penman (CASS, Winter 2020)

How Green is Your Sax Life? (CASS, Winter 2022)

Artvark Saxophone Quartet - Mother of Thousand [cover features] (CASS, Winter 2021)

Freedom Player - digital clarinet/saxophone mute (CASS, Winter 2019)

Nailing It - Audition/Interview tips (Music Teacher Magazine, November 2019)

Conservatoire or University? (CASS, Autumn 2019)

SABRE Day 2019 (CASS, Spring 2019)






Gemini - Rob Cope [Album + live review] (CASS, April 2024)

Windsor Project - Ricardo Pires (CASS, April 2024)

Stage - Bruno Santos (CASS, Winter 2023)

Heritage/Evolution Vol.2 - PRISM Saxophone Quartet and guests (CASS, Autumn 2021)

Apollo Aartvark: Two quartets collide and merge (CASS, Autumn 2019)

Gods of Apollo by Rob Cope (CASS, Autumn 2019)

Single Reed Expressions, Vol. 4 by Ronald Caravan (CASS, Autumn 2019)


Live Concerts:

Marici Saxes at the Purcell Room (CASS, Winter 2018)


From the Inside Out by Dr Mark Watkins (CASS, Summer 2022)

Chris Potter: Transcriptions and Essays by Jeff McGregor (CASS, Summer 2021)


Craven Sonoro SMII Clarinet (CASS, Autumn 2022)

The Sax Seat (CASS, Autumn 2021)

Yamaha Baritone Saxophones, YBS-480, 62II and 82 (CASS, Autumn 2021)

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