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1. Pequeña Czarda - Pedro Itturalde

Four Country Dances - Richard Rodney Bennett

2. A New Dance

3. Lady Day

4. The Mulberry Garden

5. Nobody's Jig

6. Three Letter Word - Andy Scott

7. And Everything is Still - Andy Scott

Prelude et Saltarelle - Robert Planel

8. Prelude

9, Saltarelle

10. Soar - Alastair Penman

11. Lullaby - Paul Mitchell-Davidson

12. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum - Claude Debussy arr. Jenni Watson

Light of Sothis - Amy Quate

13. Grace

14. Passion

15. Faith

16. Carnival of Venice - Jules Demersseman arr. Fred Hemke

Alastair Penman – Alto and Soprano Saxophones

Jonathan Pease – Piano

Produced by Alastair Penman

Recorded on 1st June and 2nd September 2022 at Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Engineered by Paul Anders (Tracks 1-5, 7-12, 16) | Engineered by MaIsie Pindar and Hannah Millar (Tracks 6, 13-15)

Edited by Roland Heap and Alastair Penman | Mixed and Mastered at Sound Disposition, Soho by Roland Heap

Artwork design by Veselić and Veselić | Cover Image by Danny Marsden, created with Midjourney

Artist biographies at and

"the album as a whole feels like an extended dazzling display of talent" (read whole review here)

"This performance easily rivals any other in terms of technical mastery, interpretation and ensemble"

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain (Read WHOLE REVIEw HERE)

"an engaging and eclectic selection of pieces that makes a lovely disc to dip into"


"Tremendous playing throughout"

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain (Read WHOLE REVIEw HERE)

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