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Moving On (2017)
Instrumentation: Two equal saxophones
Length: 14'00
Published by Saxtet Publications


Moving On is a fun set of six duets ideal for intermediate level saxophonists, or for teachers wishing to explore ensemble playing with their students. 


The duets can be played by any two equal saxes.


1. Avenue One - a driving rock number with optional improvisation.

2.The Orange Tree - a lyrical ballad for working on your legato playing.

3. Byrd Walk - a medium swing number with optional improvisation.

4. Turpin's Way - a grooving funk style piece with lots of interesting rhythms to get stuck into!

5. The Glade - a gentle sicilienne.

6. Broadway Gardens - an upbeat latin number with a mixture of solo and soli sections.

Moving On (sax)

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