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A Prayer for Peace (2023)

Instrumentation: Saxophone Octet
Length: 5'00


A Prayer for Peace was composed in November 2023, at a time when there seemed little hope in the world. On top of the ongoing war in Ukraine and escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine, we witness the failure of governments to act on the worsening climate disaster; it is easy to feel completely hopeless. This is a call to embrace our neighbours, find peace and work together to build a better future for our planet and for all life on earth.


Recorded on the album Quietude.


Digital download of score and parts (PDF)


Parts provided:

Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Baritone 1

Baritone 2

Sopranino (Optional - alternative to Soprano 1)

Bass (Optional - alternative to Baritone 2)

A Prayer for Peace

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