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Arcadia (2018)
Instrumentation: S/A A A A/T T B
Length: 4'30
Available from Saxtet Pubications


Two fun but easy pieces for saxophone ensemble with flexible parts. Ideal for school and music service ensembles that have lots of altos! The optional parts mean that you can balance your ensemble according to the instruments you have.


Arcadia was written whilst the composer was working as a guest performer on the ship Arcadia on a transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York.  During the crossing the ship experienced beautiful weather the whole way across the Atlantic, until arriving in New York, at which point dark clouds descended, accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain. Despite staying in New York for four days the cloud never lifted!


1. Drifting By

The gentle lilt of this movement portrays a relaxing afternoon sipping cocktails on the deck of the ship while it cruises smoothly across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The main tune is shared between the top two alto parts while the other players provide a lilting accompaniment and harmonies.


2. Stormy Arrival
Featuring a dark but groovy bassline from the tenor and baritone, this is a funky and driving piece, with solos for the soprano and lead alto players. In the middle we hear the ship rocking from side to side perilously and the sound of honking fog horns before the groove returns.


The scoring for Arcadia is as follows:

Soprano Sax

(Alto Sax 1 - alternative to Soprano Sax)
Alto Sax 2
Alto Sax 3
Alto Sax 4

(Tenor Sax 1 - alternative to Alto Sax 4)
Tenor Sax 2
Baritone Sax


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