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Ghost Train (2015) (arranged by John Harle)
Instrumentation: Saxophone and tape.

(Availabe for soprano, soprano & alto (1 player) and soprano & tenor (1 player) - all parts included)
Length: 3'40
Premiere: The Forge, Camden, 2/11/2015

Ghost Train is a jazz fusion tour de force, originally for tenor saxophone, swapping to soprano saxophone for the second half of the piece.  The piece is greatly influenced by the Brecker Brothers and their characteristic style can be heard throughout.  The piece is published for saxophone and tape, and a harmoniser can optionally be used for the soprano saxophone.  Originally scored for tenor saxophone swapping to soprano halfway through, the digital download also includes a version transposed for alto swapping to soprano and a version solely on soprano.

Ghost Train is recorded on Electric Dawn (Sospiro Records).


Digital product contains PDF sheet music and backing audio tracks. (Audio tracks provided as mp3 files, but should you require another format (e.g. WAV) please contact after purchasing and these can be sent at no additional cost.)

Ghost Train

  • This piece uses a harmoniser effect, harmonising the saxophone both up and down by a 4th. (The piece can still be performed without this effect however)

    (For any tech related questions etc email

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