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Memories of Benslow (2021)
Instrumentation: S/A A A A/T T/B
Length: 6'00
Published by Saxtet Pubications


Pre-covid, the composer ran three saxophone courses a year at Benslow music with fellow tutor (and former-Saxtet member) Gerard McChrystal. When the pandemic hit however, residential courses sadly had to be cancelled, and in the year since, Alastair and Gerard have run four online courses together for Benslow. This piece was written for one such course, remembering the delights of previous courses at Benslow.


Summer Evening at Benslow paints a picture of sitting in the beautiful gardens at Benslow relaxing after a long day of playing, whilst Benslow Boogie captures the infectious energy of students and staff at Benslow.


Memories of Benslow is scored for flexible ensemble; whilst the piece can be played by a saxophone quintet, alternative parts are available and it could easily be performed by a larger group, or would be ideal for school, music service and other amateur ensembles thanks to the large number of alto parts included.


The line-up is as follows:

Soprano Saxophone (or alternative Alto Sax 3)
Alto Saxophone 1
Alto Saxophone 2
Tenor Saxophone 1 (or alternative Alto Sax 4)
Baritone Saxophone (or alternative Tenor Sax 2)

Memories of Benslow

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