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Sandbox (2015)

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone and electronics.
Length: 5'40
Premiere: St Edmund the King and Martyr, London, 14/1/2015


Sandbox was composed over a relatively short period of time between December 2014 and January 2015 and was born of a series of improvisations.  The title, Sandbox, is a reference to the programming term that refers to a safe environment in which to try out new ideas.  In fact, this was my first attempt at writing a piece purely using software effects rather than hardware pedals to process the live electronics.

Sandbox is recorded on Electric Dawn (Sospiro Records).


Digital product contains PDF sheet music and backing audio tracks. (Audio tracks provided as mp3 files, but should you require another format (e.g. WAV) please contact after purchasing and these can be sent at no additional cost.)


  • Performing this piece requires a click track to synchronize the opening. The click track is provided, so you need to be able to start this at the same time as the backing track.

    Other effects required for a full performance of the piece are a long reverb and an octave pedal. (Though it can still be performed without these.)

    (For any tech related questions etc email

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