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Taking Off (2017)
Instrumentation: S/A A A A/T T B/T
Length: 6'00
Published by Saxtet Publications


Three fun but easy pieces for saxophone ensemble with flexible parts. Ideal for school and music service ensembles that have lots of altos! The flexible parts mean that the pieces can be played on the full range of saxophones, or just altos and tenors, or any combination in between.


1. Here We Go

A lively piece with a groovy bass line in the lower saxophones and an opportunity for the soprano (or alto) player to shine.


2. A Moment of Calm
A tranquil movement in a lilting 3/4 time with the solo line taken at first by the higher saxophones and later on by the lower saxophones.


3. Back to Earth

A joyful piece which is full of bounce, a feature for one of the alto saxophones.


The scoring for 'Taking Off!' is as follows:

Soprano Sax (alternative to Alto 1)
Alto Sax 2
Alto Sax 3
Alto Sax 4 (alternative to Tenor 1)
Tenor Sax 2
Baritone Sax (alternative to Tenor Sax 3)

Taking Off!

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