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Three Miniatures for Clarinet & Bass clarinet (2017)
Instrumentation: Eb & Bass clarinet duet (or Bb & Bass clarinet)
Length: 5'30

Published by Saxtet Pubications


Three short and fun pieces for Eb & Bass clarinet! These pieces are ideal for students looking to improve their doubling skills on both Eb and Bass clarinet.  Both parts use the full range of the instruments with some tricky passages to get stuck into.


1. The Tortoise and The Hare

A movement of contrasts - fast paced action from the hare set against a jazzy interlude from the tortoise underpinned by a lolloping bass line.

2. Inside Out

This movement experiments with the different timbres created by the Eb and Bass clarinet at the extremes of their register.  Excellent for practising a legato sound in the high register of the bass clarinet and for creating a rich sound at the bottom of the Eb.

3. Double or Quits

A wild jazz-infused dance in which the Eb clarinet gets to enjoy itself on top of the bass clarinet's groove. The bass player isn't forgotten however and also gets it's turn to take a solo!


Also available as a Soprano and Baritone Saxophone version.

Three Miniatures (clarinet)

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