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Voyaging (2020)
Instrumentation: S/A A A A/T T B
Length: 4'00
Available from Saxtet Pubications


Voyaging is a short and fun piece for flexible saxophone ensemble, suitable for school and music service ensembles. 


The soprano (or optionally first alto) plays the more challenging solo part throughout, giving the lead player a chance to shine, whilst the accompanying parts are somewhat easier. 


Ossias are provided for the hardest sections in the solo part, and a variety of alternative parts are provided so that you can make best use of the instruments available in your ensemble. (Lots of altos? No problem!) 


Voyaging starts with a driving rhythm from the tenor and baritone, which continues through the opening section of the piece. This is followed by a lyrical interlude before the driving rhythm returns as we come to the end of the voyage!


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