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Wayfarer (2015)
Instrumentation: Woodwinds and tape
Length: 5'05

Perhaps due to my background in engineering, I have always been fascinated by the use of phasing in music and how it can be employed in contemporary composi􏰀ons. Wayfarer begins with an osti􏰀nato in 7/4 before the strings enter with a 6/4 pa􏰁ttern set against this. On top of these lines are various repeated phrases of different lengths and meters which freely move in and out of phase with the opening osti􏰀nato, adding rhythmic and harmonic interest. As the piece builds, the soprano saxophone is set free before finally finding its way home.

Wayfarer is recorded on Electric Dawn (Sospiro Records).


*Please note this product contains only a study score and not performance materials. If you are interested in performing the piece please contact*

Wayfarer (study score)

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